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Top 10 Software Companies in BD

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September 5, 2021
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Top 10 Software Companies in BD

Software Companies in BD

software company in bangladesh

The article discusses the Top 10 Software Companies in BD – There was a time when people used to do calculations by hand. Of course, the time was quite difficult. Because even if calculations were done by hand, not all calculations would be done properly. After the invention of the calculator, it became much easier to calculate. Even then, complex calculations or complex problems did not seem to be resolved.

Problems began to be solved when this human race became acquainted with the “Computer”. In the present age, there is no field of work where computers are not being used. However, today’s computer is much more powerful than the computer of the past and is also ahead in the field of multitasking. There is no denying the contribution of updated software to all the complex problems and multitasking that is going be done with computers.

At present, there are many good companies in Bangladesh that are making software according to the needs of the clients. In our view, the top 10 companies will be discussed in this article.
The 10 companies that will be discussed are:

  8. DREAM71


Next Generation Information Technology Soft which is also known as NXGIT in short. It is a software firm which has 2 branches in Bangladesh and 2 more branches outside Bangladesh. NXGIT has offices in Chittagong and Dhaka inside Bangladesh and offices in UK and Canada outside the country.

NXGIT has been providing clients with various services in software and digital marketing for over 6 years with a reputation. The unique features that make NXGIT stand out from other companies and professionals are ;

•Corporate reputation and industry experience.
•Expert operation management team.
•Affordable product & service assurance.
•Quality of project work & hassle-free execution.
• On-time project delivery & after-sales support.
•Maintain project security & privacy.
•Guaranteed user-friendly solution.
• Single-point communication.
•Professional certification.
•24×7 customer service.

To check the previous work you can visit this link –

Contact : +88-01756-803641(BD)
+88-01913-970903 (BD)
+88-01718-346170 (BD)
+447457303656 (UK)
+14164121822 (CAN)



Brain Station 23 is another well-known software company and this company was founded in 2006. They currently have about 550+ employees. They provide ERP, E-commerce, Business Intelligence, SharePoint services, Mobile app development services etc.

They provide services not only in Bangladesh but also in different countries of the world.


Pro-Software Company is a UK-based award-winning software company in Bangladesh. The quality of Pro-Software is well-appraised and they provide almost all sorts of out-sourcing services in Bangladesh and all across the globe. Web Developing, SEO, Virtual Assistant and Social Media Marketing are just some of the many services that Pro-Software offers to its clients.

They have worked with a divergent range of organizations and companies with a really committed team. Pro-Software Company is among the best virtual assistant outsourcing companies in the world. Moreover, they provide the cheapest rate for software company services at £2.99 per hour.


Workspace Infotech is a well-performing Australia-based software company in Bangladesh. As a full-service software company, Workspace Infotech is a great solution to all your online business needs. They offer Software Development, Mobile Development, Graphic Design, Web Development and many more.

Workspace Infotech is ideal for small businesses looking forward to expanding their online potential. They are a trusted firm and the overall services of Workspace are well-appraised in Bangladesh. Workspace specializes in Software Development and Project Management among the top software companies in Bangladesh.

5. DATASOFT – Software Companies in BD

Datasoft definitely ranks among the top software companies in Bangladesh with their active services. Datasoft is an ISO-certified software company on the 5th level of CMMI that started its journey in 2014.

They provide a wide range of software services and their active response with easy solutions has earned them popularity in the corporate as well as the public sector in Bangladesh. Datasoft also presents customized technical solutions with exceptional vision in the data field.


Tiger, IT is among the most reliable and trusted software companies in Bangladesh. The legacy of Tiger IT is really appreciation worthy with the level of quality they have been upholding over the years.

They also rank among the most popular companies in the IT sector of our country. Tiger IT is considered a pioneer in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and Biometric software in Bangladesh. Their services are also used by government agencies and some of their services include solutions to e-Passports, National ID and various other significant documentation processes.


HRSOFTBD is an amazing and well-delivering software company in Bangladesh. It is one of the top experienced software firms and they have been providing world-class services to many industries and companies in Bangladesh.

HRSOFTBD is considered one of the best custom software companies that offer a versatile range of technical solutions to all your online needs. With their creative approach and dedicated performance, HRSOFTBD undoubtedly ranks among the best software companies in Bangladesh.

8. DREAM 71

Dream 71 is one of the most active performing software companies in Bangladesh. They have an enthusiastic team and the overall quality of the software company is definitely worth appreciation. They already have a wide variety of new apps and softwares under their wing.

Dream 71 has earned its place among the top Web, Mobile and Game Developing companies in the country. The promising services of Dream 71 are well-appraised in various fields by businesses looking for online solutions.


Cefalo is originally a Norway-based consulting and offshoring company in Bangladesh. Although Cefalo offers their software services to European clients, it still ranks among the best software companies in Bangladesh.

They primarily offer software development and maintenance services. They also provide various other online solutions and are highly appraised with their performances at home and abroad.

10. DATABIZ – Software Companies in BD

Databiz is another top-ranking software company in Bangladesh with its quality services through and through. Databiz is an ISO-certified IT solution provider and software company in Bangladesh.

The overall reputation of Databiz holds up as a top-level software service provider in Bangladesh and their quality performance in the field of software development and offshore software services is remarkable indeed. They have a wide experience in successful software implementation around the globe.

These are the top 10 software companies in Bangladesh based on their performance and services. The software market in Bangladesh is growing day by day and many forms are coming forward with world-class technology solutions. Ultimate digital Bangladesh is no longer a myth, but a reality itself.

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