Multinational Company in Chittagong

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March 22, 2022
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List of Software Company in Chittagong
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Multinational Company in Chittagong



Chittagong is the trade capital of Bangladesh and as the heart of business and commerce in the country, Chittagong is home to many multinational companies. With the increasing pace of business and commerce in the country, Chittagong continues to be a significant center of domestic and international trade.

Multinational Companies are one of the most important contributors to the flourishing commerce and industries of Bangladesh. Today we will take a look at the top ten multinational companies in Chittagong that have stood out with competence and proficiency.


New Generation Information Technology or NXGIT Limited is one of Chittagong’s fast-growing and reliable multinational companies. NXGIT offers world-class information technology services including a diverse range of software development services that range from POS, Accounting Software, Enterprise resources, and many more.

 With its dedicated team of developers and designers, NXGIT also provides various Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design services that are up to the mark and highly efficient. The NXGIT team also offers a wide range of tech support to fulfill and satisfy all the needs of their clients effectively. 

From Search Engine Optimization to Content and  Marketing, NXGIT is the ultimate solution to all your IT-related endeavors.


BAT is among the leading multinational consumer goods companies in Chittagong. Their affiliate companies include world-class names including Reynolds American which is one of the top-performing consumer goods companies in the world. 

Their quality conduct and ability to uphold 100% professionalism in all their services make BAT one of the top multinational and well-performing Consumer Products Manufacturing companies in Chittagong.


As Chittagong is the trade center of Bangladesh, it is also home to many logistics and supply chain companies. Maersk is one of the best integrated multi-national container logistics companies in Chittagong.

 With its dedicated and top-performing services, Maersk has firmly held on to its appraised position among the best multinational companies in the country.


Unilever is undoubtedly one of the widest and most prestigious Consumer Products Manufacturing companies in the world. With their diverse variety of goods and products, Unilever is an everyday household necessity products manufacturing company. 

Unilever has been satisfying its huge number of customers with quality products and services and ranks as one of the best multinational companies in Chittagong.


Grameenphone is the country’s largest telecommunications company that enjoys the highest number of mobile operators. They began their journey in 1997 and by today they are the best operator service provider company with arguably the best networking system in the country.

 So, Grameenphone undoubtedly ranks among the top multinational companies in Chittagong.


HSBC is one of the most prestigious banking and financial companies in the world. With more than 38 million clients across the globe, HSBC is also among the top-performing banking companies in Bangladesh. With its fast-paced services and client-friendly conduct, HSBC is the world’s 7th largest bank. 

HSBC also carries out the following support operations including corporate banking, commercial banking, wealth management, central finance, markets, and the regional private sector.


DARAZ is an online shopping platform company that has seen amazing growth in recent years and remains one of the best performing multi-national companies in Chittagong. With customers from all across the country, 

DARAZ provides online goods at your doorsteps using its own delivery system. DARAZ enjoys great popularity in the country and is, therefore, among the top multinational companies in Chittagong.


BRAC bank is also one of the well-performing companies in the banking sector with its positive approach to clients. As an investment banking and asset management company, 

Brack bank has well held up its image on par with other companies under BRAC and remains one of the top multinational companies in Bangladesh.


Reckitt is one of the fast-growing consumer products manufacturing companies with a vision of providing the best services to their customers. Keeping in mind the quality of products and as they maintain total hygiene while their manufacture, 

Reckitt also ranks among the top multinational companies in Chittagong.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the oldest and most prestigious banks across the globe as they have been operating for over 150 years in various parts of the world. 

Standard Chartered is one of the best and well-revered multinational companies in Chittagong that has well upheld its international image providing world-class services for years now.


These were some of the top multinational companies in Chittagong and there are many more that have been performing with dedication and brilliance over the years.

Chittagong continues to flourish as the trade center of the country and hence the number of multinational companies will also keep rising in the years to come.



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